St Bedes chapel clad in brick slips by Red Mantle

St Bede's Chapel

Naylor Love have won the Supreme NZ Commercial Projects Award 2020 for the St Bede's Chapel and Performing Arts Centre. Red Mantle provided and installed the brick slips to the exterior of the new St Bede's Chapel.

Lightweight Replica Chimneys | Red Mantle | quakesafe and quakeproof QPC

Leslie Hills Homestead, Culverden

18 month renovation for FMG features six Red Mantle heritage chimneys with custom designed bronze chimney pots all with working fireplaces.

Lightweight Replica Chimneys | Red Mantle
Restoration of Earthquake damaged chimneys using Red Mantle composite technology

Christchurch Estate Home

Earthquake rebuild featuring three brick-slip chimneys using real bricks thinly cut and surfaced over a fibreglass mould.

Red Mantle composite chimney on award winning new build

Matakana Home

Auckland Architecture Award (Housing) and Home Magazine Home of the Year Award Finalist featuring a custom designed brick-slip over composite build chimney. Photo Sam Harnett

Lightweight Replica Chimneys and Architectural Details

We have created a new way of building chimneys and architectural details that is stunning, safe and secure. Inspired to make homes safer, our building solutions are lightweight, Quakesafe™ and fully engineered. Our lightweight replica chimneys are embraced by insurance companies, architects and heritage teams alike. So, whether you are building, restoring or renovating, now you can realise your vision for your home.

Heritage Restorations

True to heritage or architectural details.

Renovations & New Builds

Stunning, safe and working solutions.

Earthquake Repairs

Repairing homes to their former glory.

Building Cladding

Full building cladding using brick slips