Retaining the Auckland Heritage Skyline – The chimney perspective

Old Auckland Masonry Chimney

Auckland homeowners who live in designated heritage or conservation zoned areas like Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Remuera for instance, often do not realise their chimneys have heritage value and with that can come responsibilities

Homeowners looking to renovate often need to remove their heritage chimneys to facilitate fabulous design outcomes within the home by utilising the recovered floor area.

Old Auckland masonry chimney with degraded lime mortar, rotten chimney

The old heritage chimney (often a beautiful architectural element) is now quite rare due to many having been removed over the past 60 years. It is this loss of the heritage skyline that drives the policy of restoration and replication.

These heritage outcomes are guided by the Resource Consent process which runs alongside your Building consent application.

Auckland Council Heritage Team are usually ok with internal fireplace/chimney removals but do insist the top (above roof) chimney be replaced with an exact replica that is clad with the original brick recovered from site and usually cut thin (brickslips).

Now, if you are removing the old chimney and all the support below roof to the foundation, how exactly do you keep the old and often unsafe and heavy chimney structure above roof?

Red Mantle has the answer and it is nice and easy.

We engineer a structural support frame using timber or steel which is attached into the attic space. The attachments are designed by our engineers to spread all wind and earthquake loads into the wider house.

Auckland Heritage chimney replacement using original brick slips

It is earthquake and cyclone proof and will look great for many decades.

Auckland resource consents require the original heritage bricks to be used on the replica chimney. This will mean careful deconstruction of the old chimney to ensure the old bricks remain in good condition.

We then construct an exact replica of the existing Heritage chimney using composite and brick veneer. The composite base is a one-piece structural box (built like a mast on a yacht) to the exact shape required. 

This makes the chimney lightweight and very durable. Your Red Mantle chimney will never leak, rust, or rot.

Red Mantle Auckland chimney repair and replacement. Exact replica, original bricks

Red Mantle sort and machine all the original old bricks down into tiles which are then bonded to the exterior surface of the new chimney.  Once completed, the new replica chimney will look 100% authentic. 

It is lifted into place onto the roof of your house like a big top hat and is then secured to the structural frame.  

Install of Red Mantle replica chimney to support frame

The chimney is then step flashed to the roof, so it looks like the original.  

The replica chimney can be used with working open fires and appliances if required, using lightweight flue systems…. and yes, you can flue an open fire! 

The chimney can also be used for venting kitchens and on-suites.      

With the Resource Consent process in Auckland City requiring replacement of the heritage chimneys above roofline…this can often come as a shock to homeowners and pose an unwanted extra cost. 

Red Mantle chimney flashings in lead
Heritage replacement chimney for Ranfurly House Aucklandmney for
Auckland Villa restoration including a Red Mantle Chimney using original brick

Our experience has shown most home owners do not (in the end) regret the restoration of their chimney…especially as the benefits become clearer.

  • Valuable future proofing of the home/chimney
  • Recovery of very valuable floor area within the home for added living areas such as ensuites, bedrooms and office spaces
  • Capital values increased
  • Increased Heritage values
  • Red Mantle 20 Year warranty
  • Red Mantle has the only reliable system in NZ
Resource consent chimney for Auckland villa

If you are interested in replacing an old or damaged chimney either to add value to your home or for heritage purposes give us a call.

Ph: 0800 723 374.