Know Your Rights

If you have suffered damage to your home, land or contents from a recent earthquake, you do have rights. It is important to take some steps after an earthquake to ensure you know your rights and understand how to make any claims.

  • Contact your insurer
  • Contact the Earthquake Commission
  • Understand the timelines required for you to lodge a claim
  • Take photos of any damage

With many years of experience dealing with customers and insurers, we also suggest you consider:

  • Getting legal advice regarding your insurance policy
  • Take the time to understand the ECQ Act
  • Contact a trusted builder to assess and report on damage
  • Contact us for an assessment of your chimney.
Earthquake damaged chimney falling down

Chimney Damage

If you have chimney damage and the chimney has not been entirely removed from your home, you will need to receive a safety sign-off from a certified structural engineer.

EQC, EQR and the Christchurch City Council recommend full chimney pull-down as the safest solution.

Useful Links

  • Earthquake Commission (EQC) - A New Zealand Crown entity investing in natural disaster research, education and providing insurance to residential property owners.
  • EQC Fix - EQC Fix is an independent public justice project holding ECQ to the ECQ Act.
  • GEONet - GeoNet is a modern geological hazard monitoring system in New Zealand. Here you can see the size and location of earthquakes around New Zealand.
  • Ministry of Health Earthquake Support Line - Call 0800 777 846 for post-earthquake support.
  • Work and Income, Emergencies - If there's been a Civil Defence emergency, or you are a farmer who's been affected by an adverse event, Work and Income may be able to help.
  • Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management - manages central government’s response and recovery functions for national emergencies, and supports the management of local and regional emergencies.
  • NZ Red Cross
  • Your Local City Council Website
Earthquake Damanged Chimney

Contact us for an assessment of your chimney damage and to discuss our ‘Quakesafe’ building solutions.