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In the demanding and stressful world of restorations, new builds and rebuilds, it can be difficult to find skilled tradespeople you can trust. So, we stake our reputation on our ability to deliver.

As innovators and artisans, we have spent years refining our craft. As experts in composite chimneys, their design and construction, we listen, we assess and we draw on our knowledge and skill to achieve a shared vision.


Our unique composite chimneys are a system embraced by insurance companies, architects and heritage teams alike. Our quality, lightweight chimney system is ideal for restorations, heritage buildings, renovations, new builds and earthquake rebuilds.

Whatever your project, we can help you achieve your vision.

Renovations & New Builds

Stunning, safe and working solutions.

Earthquake Repairs

Repairing homes to their former glory.

Building Cladding

Full building cladding using brick slips.

Heritage Restoration

True To The Past - Heritage work

Being true to the original architectural or heritage details of your home or building takes a shared understanding.

Combining old and new through innovation, we bring together technology with the skill and charm of old world techniques. Our unique composite chimneys system allow us to use the original bricks from your home or building. Your bricks are collected, cleaned, cut, water-blasted, dried and surfaced around a fibreglass, pre-formed one-piece chimney structural box. Fully bespoke, we can replicate your original chimney or create new designs.

Our elegant and authentic chimneys have now been recognised by the Historic Places Trust and the Christchurch and Auckland City Council Heritage Teams as an appropriate solution for heritage chimney replacement and for resource consent chimney replacement.

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Brick-Slip Chimneys, Te Koraha House Rangi Ruru

Renovation & New Build

A Shared Vision

You have a vision for your home and are looking for a skilled trades-person to get you there. Renovations and new builds are demanding and you need someone who creates a path forward.

Our fibreglass and brick slip chimneys and architectural details are at the forefront of innovation. Setting a benchmark for building, architecture, service and design. We work with architects and engineers to develop and design stunning new chimneys for modern and period homes and buildings.

Check out our latest renovation and new build projects.

New Build | Composite Chimney Auckland

Earthquake Repairs

Commitment To Quality

Inspired by a desire to make buildings safer after seeing the destruction of the Canterbury earthquakes, we commit and deliver. It’s about staying true to our craft and true to our customers.

Embraced by insurance companies and architects alike, we regularly work with EQC, Insurers, Councils and Heritage teams to create solutions for homes and buildings. We can assess chimneys, quote for re-builds or cash settlement, pull down and remove damaged chimneys and work with you to design and install replacement chimneys.

Now, for instance, insurance companies in New Zealand recognise the Red Mantle ‘Quakesafe’ system as a superior solution for earthquake chimney replacement.

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Brick-Slip Chimneys | Earthquake Rebu Christchurch

Building Cladding


Building solutions that meet the rigors of modern building codes require innovation through craft - a passing of the mantle and a new way of doing things.

Governed by our artistic integrity, skill, precision, and a desire to do a great job, we commit and deliver. It is about staying true to our craft and true to our customers.

Our recent work cladding the chapel at St Bede’s with brick slips on precast and in-situ concrete walls, is an innovative new earthquake resilient approach to building. Red Mantle worked closely with Wilkie and Bruce Architects (architect/designer) to achieve their vision.

It has been and extremely successful project.

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St Bede's chapel in the eveing with lights on

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Take a look at our range of stunning, safe and secure replica chimneys and architectural details to help you achieve your vision for your home.